What strategy should I use in my family law case? (Beau Sinclair)
Family law, unlike most other areas of law, involves relationships that have existed for a long time and may continue to exist for a long time into the future, especially if there are children. As a result, short term strategies that maximize gain sometimes lead to long term grief. I always recommend a three-part strategy. Part one, always, and I mean always, do what’s best for your children. Even if you’re provoked by the other side doing something that’s not good for the children. Don’t be apart of the problem, always do what’s best for your children. Part two, treat the other side fairly. Always treat them fairly because you will be dealing with them for a long time in the future. Part three, just as important, is insist upon being treated fairly. If you allow yourself to not be treated fairly, your resentment will eventually come out in the long run. So, insist upon being treated fairly.

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