What can I do to prepare for inevitable litigation, even if, I am not ready to file? (Kristen Senkyr)

One of the things that you can start doing when you’re preparing for litigation, either now or in the future, is start gathering information. Gather the names of the parties, the children, the potential parties, phone numbers, addresses and other contact information that you may have for them. If it’s a divorce case, you need to start gathering information about accounts that you have. Whether it be credit card information, bank account information, retirement information, all that information is very important and needs to be brought to your consultation. You also need to start gathering information about social security numbers, drivers license numbers, gather documents such as titles and deeds. All of that is important whenever we’re going through your consultation to determine what kind of case you actually have. If it’s a custody case, you probably already have the information that you’re going to need. The names of your children’s teachers, their doctors, their dentist, friends, neighbors, anybody that has seen you interact with your child is probably going to be a person that you’re going to need their name and contact information for. Another thing that you can do is start creating a timeline, and keep records of everything that has been happening in your life, what led you to this point, why you think you need to file. This information will be shared with your attorney during the consultation and will help during that time period. The other thing you can do is start saving money. Attorneys are expensive in some situations and so you need to be prepared for that cost as well. If you gather all your information and start preparing for the litigation, it might be an easier transition when you do get started.

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