Protective Orders

Protective Orders in Tyler, TX

The Texas Council on Family Violence reports that 1 in 3 Texans experiences domestic violence. Among the most frequently requested services, legal representation is one of the most commonly unmet needs for victims of abuse. Access to a legal advocate can help you protect yourself and your family. Working with an attorney ensures that you have the appropriate legal protection and know the full scope of your rights so that you can be protected.

The Sinclair Law Office, PC has worked with survivors of domestic violence. We have helped clients file for protective orders and ensure that our clients’ protective orders are enforced for their safety. Clients who have experienced domestic violence during a marriage have also worked with us to navigate the divorce process.

Seeking a Protective Order

The purpose of a protective order is to protect you and your family from family violence. Many of our clients have sought out protective orders for family violence. It is crucial that you know your rights. The following definition of family violence comes directly from the Texas Attorney General’s website:

Family violence … is basically defined as (1) any act by one member of a family or household intended to physically harm another member, (2) a serious threat of physical harm, or (3) the abuse of a child.

The State of Texas has a broad definition of family that includes blood relatives, relatives by marriage, former spouses, parents (biological, by marriage, and foster) of a child, and any person who currently or formerly lived in the same household. In some cases, a survivor of domestic violence is able to file criminal charges against an abuser.

A protective order cannot physically stop someone from continuing to act in aggressive or violent ways. That being said, a protective order ensures that there are legal consequences to its violation. When a protective order is violated, you have the ability to bring the perpetrator to civil court. If he or she is found to be in contempt of the order, then they can be fined and/or jailed. In other cases, it is possible to file criminal charges against someone who has violated a protective order. In fact, it is possible in many cases to file criminal charges for the same things that prompted you to seek a protective order in the first place. The legal consequences of domestic violence crimes vary depending on the severity of the crime.

How We Can Help

The family law attorneys of the Sinclair Law Office, PC have worked with clients in these high-conflict, high-priority situations. We have experience helping clients get the law to work for them. We work to make sure that every possible protective measure has been taken to ensure your safety and well-being. Our team can also help you access community resources available to survivors of domestic violence. In addition, our team is able to work with you on both the civil and criminal charges that may accompany a protective order.

During your consultation appointment, you will be able to identify exactly what your legal goals are with us. If you want to seek criminal charges against an abuser, then we can help make sure that you have the appropriate legal ground for the charge. We will help you identify the information that you will need to gather to make your case. Our team will also ensure that you know the paperwork that you need to do, how to complete it, and to whom to present it. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for a protective order, then schedule a consultation with us. We can help you determine whether you are eligible, and if you are not eligible, then we will help you identify other options available to you.

Same Day Appointments Available

Same Day Appointments Available

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