Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements in Tyler TX

Nobody goes into a marriage planning for divorce. The reality is that divorce has become very common. The prenuptial agreement reduces the likelihood of bitter fighting over property because both spouses enter the marriage knowing how the property will be divided. A prenuptial agreement is also not just for securing your property in a divorce. It can be used as an opportunity for couples to plan for their future and ensure that other important life and estate planning is taken care of.

The Sinclair Law Office, PC can help you and your future spouse prepare a prenuptial agreement. We help our clients identify all the relevant issues that the prenuptial agreement may need to address. Having an attorney help you prepare a prenuptial agreement ensures that it is done appropriately, thoroughly, and correctly.

Understanding the Prenuptial Agreement

While any couple is encouraged to seek a prenuptial agreement as a precaution, there are certain circumstances in which couples may be more likely to seek the agreement. Typically, if one or both of the spouses has major debt, significant wealth, or numerous properties, then a prenuptial agreement can ensure that those properties and assets are not subject to a court’s order on property division after a divorce. Additionally, if one or both spouses has an estate that they would like to keep separate, then a prenuptial agreement can secure that.

The prenuptial agreement can include provisions outside of property division in divorce. For example, some couples find it helpful to include a will in the prenuptial agreement. Other couples include putting the rights to the death benefit from a spouse’s life insurance policy. The prenuptial agreement is an opportunity for a couple to evaluate their needs and plan for the future with a legal document that secures their rights and interests.

How We Can Help

The Sinclair Law Office, PC has attorneys who have worked with other couples to plan for their future. We know the kinds of situations and factors to evaluate in writing the prenuptial agreement. Our family law attorneys are also able to create careful and thorough legal documents for our clients so that they can leave confident in the preservation of their interests for the future.

Same Day Appointments Available

Same Day Appointments Available

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