How can I avoid costly family law litigation? (Kristen Senkyr)

Chances are if you are in a family law case you are going to incur attorney fees. Most attorneys do charge by the hour so it is important to keep that in mind as you’re going through your family law litigation. Some of the ways that you can save on family law litigation is to keep a thorough and organized record of the documents that you think are important in your family law case. Sending the documents to your attorney in an organized fashion helps me be able to search them in a more timely manner thus saving you money. Another way that you can reduce costs or try to keep your costs low is to send everything in a digital format. It’s easier to search a digital format than for us to go through pages after pages after pages of paper documents, so keep that in mind when you are organizing your files. Another way that a lot of my clients save money is if you have a lot of family law questions that you want to ask your lawyer, save all of those questions for a one time call during the week or a one time email. You can keep a list, a running list of your questions, send them to me at the end of the week and I’ll answer all of your questions and it’s much quicker than fourteen or fifteen phone calls during the week. The last way to help save costs on your family law case is to be honest with your attorney and listen to your attorney’s legal advice. 

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