Do you need a lawyer for a divorce? (Christina Davis)

Yes, you should always get an attorney when you are going through a divorce. A divorce affects your children and your property. If you reach agreement in a divorce and you’re making agreements regarding your children or your property, more than likely you don’t understand the longer reaching ramifications of those agreements. On the other side of things, if you’re not reaching agreements and you’re going in front of a judge needing to have a final trial regarding your children or your property, you probably aren’t going to put your best case forward. And then even worse than that, if there’s an attorney on the other side and you don’t have an attorney, you are probably not going to come out with the result that you want in the end. I see people all the time come to me after they have represented themselves in a divorce and we’re having to fix something that they didn’t know they were agreeing to or fix something that they didn’t realize what they were asking for. Sometimes it’s something where people think oh I’ll go back later and change this and they don’t realize that later they might not be able to change it and it’s a problem so start off right in the beginning by getting an attorney, knowing what your rights are, knowing what the legal ramifications of these provisions are and you won’t end up in that position.

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