Decree Modification

Decree Modification in Tyler, TX

Circumstances can change drastically from year-to-year. Often, people find that a divorce decree or other prior order are no longer suitable or sustainable. The decrees of the court are not set in stone. Within certain limitations, you can seek a modification of orders granted by the court.

The family law attorneys of the Sinclair Law Office, PC can help you put together the case you need to show the court that an old order should change. Our attorneys are experienced with these cases and what you need to prove in order to achieve a modification of an existing decree. Having a legal representative on your side is an important part of making sure that your interests are upheld.

Seeking a Modification

When a court grants a divorce or other custody order, there are number of areas that it may address. For example, the court may issue orders related to:

Court rulings on property division are not often modified, but there are certain legal grounds and unique cases where this decree can be altered after it was issued by the court. Much more commonly, however, decrees related to the parent-child relationship are modified.

You cannot just ask the court to change the terms of an order. Instead, you must be able to demonstrate that there has been a “material and substantial” change in circumstances since the time of the prior order. Sometimes, you might even have to show that the change in circumstances has caused a “significant impairment to your child. Additionally, you need to be prepared to provide credible proof of these changes and of the need to modify the original order.

How We Can Help

Successfully changing a court order can be difficult. What is open to modification depends on a wide variety of factors. Having legal representation from a family law attorney at the Sinclair Law Office, PC can help you identify a realistic plan for modifying an existing decree. We help our clients gather good evidence to justify their request to change an order. We then continue to work with them all the way through the process to ensure the best possible chance of achieving their goals.

Same Day Appointments Available

Same Day Appointments Available

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