Can father’s get overnight possession of their infant child? (Brian Schmalbach)

The attorney general has a proposed visitation schedule for noncustodial parents when their child is under the age of three, and that proposed visitation schedule includes a stairstep up to overnight visitation for the noncustodial parent. Which, unfortunately, more commonly is the father. But that proposed visitation schedule is just that. It is a proposal that the attorney general presents to the court. It is not the final say so in when the overnights start. So, you need to see a lawyer, and you need to make sure that you properly convey when you should have overnight possession of your child because as anybody with children knows, the initial months of this child’s life are very crucial for bonding time, even if the child’s asleep. The child will wake up in the middle of the night, they’ll look for their father, they’ll look for their mother, it’s very crucial for the bonding period in the early months of the child’s life. So, you don’t want to necessarily just agree to a proposal that would say I’m only going to have overnight visitation of my child in the later stages of my child’s life.

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